If you want a great e-newsletter, that will be sent every week, and stay current, call us now: 518 701-7088.  E-newsletters have quickly become the most personal, eNewsletters - E-Mail Marketing - Garden Center Marketinginteractive, cost-efficient way to build customer relationships. Sending an email to your customers will create a visit, brand your nursery, build top-of-mind presence, and give your customers the reminders they need to be successful in the garden.

Where a website depends on the customers seeking you out, an E-newsletter allows you to initiate the conversation.




  • Our e-newsletter program begins with a time-tested method for building your list
    • We incent shoppers to sign up onsite
    • We convert “snail mail” customers to e-newsletter customers
    • We build referrals from existing subscribers
  • Our editions build a loyal “open rate” for your e-newsletter
    • We spread articles across your audience
    • We create interactive chances for readers to learn
    • You survey your customers and build content to satisfy them
  • Your garden center will benefit from better customer relationships
    • You fill multiple seminars at off-times
    • Vendors support your articles
    • Your customers will be educated to key “value-added benefits”

eNewsletters – E-Mail Marketing – Garden Center Marketing

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